The Tams

June 15, 2016


To hear it, you might think you just stepped into Motown. To breathe it, you smell a
tropical breeze caressing a sandy beach. To feel it, you let the rhythm grasp your
body and whirl it into motion. To see it, is like an extravaganza of light and
energy. But to experience it, you must say it..."I want the Tams!" 

The Tams are one of America's all time favorite recording acts. World renowned for
their special blend of music that makes up the Beach Music sound, the Tams entertain
crowds around the globe nearly 300 days a year! Probably best known for their 1968
gold hit "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" the Tams are celebrating the recent
success of their newest single "Ain"t Nothing Like Shagging" which reached number
8 on the European charts. 

The group began performing in local taverns and nightclubs for wages of $1.25 each.
To them this money was from heaven. Imagine - getting paid to sing. Initial pay of
these early days only provided enough money to buy matching multi colored Tam
O'Shanter hats on stage - in which local patrons of the night spots nicknamed them
the Tams, a name that would eventually be known around the world. 

In 1962, producer Bill Lowery agreed to cut one demo single on the group. To his
surprise, the record gained much regional success, allowing him to negotiate a major
recording contract with ABC records. Their first album, "Presenting the Tams",
produced a number one record, "What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)". This
propelled The Tams into professional status and national popularity. They soon found
themselves playing to sold out auditoriums from The Howard Theater in Washington, DC
to the famed Apollo Theater in New York City. 

A string of hits followed, including "You Lied To Your Daddy," "Hey Girl," "I"ve
Been Hurt," "It's Better To Have Loved A Little" and "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be
Happy." During this time, the Tams developed a spectacular revue touring with their
own 14 Karat Gold Band. 

After years of appearances and 10 albums The Tams have been honored with two Gold
Records. In 1986 the group received the coveted award and title "Beach Band of the
Decade" at the Beach Music Awards. In 1988, The Tams were spotlighted as the
Outstanding Black Musical Group by the Atlanta Black History Awards. In 1992, The
Tams were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. 

The Tams are a group that has bridged the generations of music. Their unique sound
spans all ages, styles and regions. They are classic with an exhilarating stage
show. Charles Pope, original member, brother to the late Joe Pope, Lil Redd has been
with the Tams for 35 years, since he was 6 years old and Greg Gallashaw, Reginald
Preston, Robert Arnold and Elton Richardson have been members for more than 15 years.

They are the beach, they are good times, they are times, they are simply rock and
roll at its finest.

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