Time Travelers

Time Travelers is dedicated to taking you on a journey from the past to the present playing your all time favorites: Classic Rock, Beach, R&B, and Country.



Perry Sessoms is a songwriter, vocalist, bassman and guitarist. The band includes Chris Pack, Rich Butler III and Tommy Keith.

Perry got his first taste of music at 10 when his parents gave him his first guitar for Christmas.

At 16 he picked up the bass and it was a natural fit. And the rest as they say is history.

Perry has played country, Rock and Roll, R & B, gospel, Top 40 and beach. 

As a young man raised in a spiritual environment Perry has harmonized and played with various gospel artists and quartets such as the Oak Ridge Boys and singer as well as best friend, Ivan Parker.

His harmony is beautiful, and his vocals range from alto to falsetto.

Perry has played with artists such as Alan David of the Band Atlanta, the Lonestar Band, and the “Rub it In Man” Blly Crash Craddock.

Perry moved to Nashville, Tenn and began playing in honky tonks when offered a chance to tour with the Warner Brothers country artist Chris Cummings. Even though he loved touring the US and Canada he missed his family and so back to the South he came.

Perry joined the Marsha Morgan Band in 2010 as a bassist and vocalist. Also a song writer, he has composed several original songs.

Now he’s with both The Time Travelers AND The Marsha Morgan Band and his musical journey continues.

Multi-talented and multi-faceted, “Bassman” Perry Sessoms, is a true musician playing real music, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.